Fine mapping of a QTL for intramuscular fat on porcine chromosome 6 using combined linkage and linkage disequilibrium mapping

J Anim Breed Genet. 2005 Feb;122(1):1-6. doi: 10.1111/j.1439-0388.2004.00496.x.


In this study data from a commercial Norwegian slaughter pig cross was analysed to confirm a previous reported quantitative trait locus (QTL) affecting intramuscular fat (IMF) on porcine chromosome 6. The data consisted of an old experiment, in which the QTL was previously detected, and new experimental data from the Norwegian slaughter pig cross. The old and new experimental data were analysed separately and together. A previously described method combining linkage and linkage disequilibrium analysis (LDLA) was used for the analysis, but this method assumes that all animals are descendants from a common base population, which is not realistic in a cross between different breeds. An adjusted version of the method, able to distinguish between different breeds in the cross, is presented here. Using the LDLA method, we were not able to confirm the QTL in the old experimental data, because the genetic variance could be explained by the polygenic effect. Analysis from the new experimental data did however detect the QTL, and analysing the data from both experiments together gave highly significant results for a QTL (p < 0.001) between markers SW1355 and SW1823. The main conclusion is therefore that the previously reported QTL for IMF on porcine chromosome 6 was confirmed within a 8.7-cM confidence interval.

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