Specificity inversion of Ochrobactrum anthropi D-aminopeptidase to a D,D-carboxypeptidase with new penicillin binding activity by directed mutagenesis

Protein Sci. 2005 Sep;14(9):2296-303. doi: 10.1110/ps.051475305.


The serine penicillin-recognizing proteins have been extensively studied. They show a wide range of substrate specificities accompanied by multidomain features. Their adaptation capacity has resulted in the emergence of pathogenic bacteria resistant to beta-lactam antibiotics. The most divergent enzymatic activities in this protein family are those of the Ochrobactrum anthropi D-aminopeptidase and of the Streptomyces R61 D,D-carboxypeptidase/transpeptidase. With the help of structural data, we have attempted to identify the factors responsible for this opposite specificity. A loop deletion mutant of the Ochrobactrum anthropi D-aminopeptidase lost its original activity in favor of a new penicillin-binding activity. D-aminopeptidase activity of the deletion mutant can be restored by complementation with another deletion mutant corresponding to the noncatalytic domain of the wild-type enzyme. By a second step site-directed mutagenesis, the specificity of the Ochrobactrum anthropi D-aminopeptidase was inverted to a D,D-carboxypeptidase specificity. These results imply a core enzyme with high diversity potential surrounded by specificity modulators. It is the first example of drastic specificity change in the serine penicillin-recognizing proteins. These results open new perspectives in the conception of new enzymes with nonnatural specificities. The structure/specificity relationship in the serine penicillin-recognizing proteins are discussed.

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