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Randomized Controlled Trial
, 31 (9), 1202-8

Olive Oil Based Nutrition in Multiple Trauma Patients: A Pilot Study

Randomized Controlled Trial

Olive Oil Based Nutrition in Multiple Trauma Patients: A Pilot Study

Gerald Huschak et al. Intensive Care Med.


Objective: A negative effect of hyperglycemia on clinical outcome has been proposed for patients treated under intensive care conditions. So far, however, the safety and effect of fat based nutrition regimen, especially of olive oil based emulsions, have not been systematically studied.

Design and setting: Prospective, open-labeled, randomized, pilot study in a 14-bed surgical intensive care unit.

Patients and interventions: Thirty-three consecutive, severe multiple trauma patients (injury severity score 31.6+/-11.5) were included; 18 (L group) received a parenteral lipid-based nutrition; 15 (G group) were given a standard parenteral glucose-based nutrition.

Measurements and results: The energy expenditure (EE) showed no difference between groups and no significant difference between the energy intake/EE ratio. The daily mean energy intake was lower in the L group (17.9+/-6.3 kcal/kg) than in the G group (22.3+/-4.2 kcal/kg). Triglycerides and nitrogen balance showed no significant differences between groups. The L group had significantly lower blood glucose (L 7.4+/-1.6, G 8.7+/-1.6 mmol/l), carbon dioxide production, and minute volume and shorter duration of mechanical ventilation (L 13.0+/-8.9, G 20.4+/-7.0 days), and stay in the ICU (L 17.9+/-11.2, G 25.1+/-7.0 days).

Conclusions: Our findings suggest a good tolerance, a decrease in blood glucose, clinically relevant shortening of ICU stay, and shorter time on mechanical ventilation for patients treated with olive oil based than with conventional glucose-heavy nutrition.

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