Purification and characterization of a monoacylglycerol lipase from Pseudomonas sp. LP7315

J Biosci Bioeng. 2001;91(1):27-32. doi: 10.1263/jbb.91.27.


A monoacylglycerol lipase (MGL) was purified from Pseudomonas sp. LP7315 by ammonium sulfate precipitation, anion-exchange chromatography, and preparative electrophoresis. The purified enzyme was homogeneous on SDS-PAGE with a molecular mass of 59 kDa. Its hydrolytic activity was confirmed to be specific for monoglycerides: the enzyme did not hydrolyze di- and triglycerides. MGL was found to be stable even after 1-h incubation at 65 degrees C. The optimum pH for monopalmitin hydrolysis was approximately 8. The hydrolytic activity depended not only on temperature and pH but also on the type of monoglyceride used. MGL also catalyzed monoglyceride synthesis at 65 degrees C in a solvent-free two-phase system, in which fatty acid droplets were dispersed in the glycerol phase with a low water content. The synthetic reaction proceeded at a constant rate for approximately 24 h and approximately reached an equilibrium after 48 h of reaction. The initial rate and equilibrium yield of the synthetic reaction depended on the type of fatty acid used as the substrate.