[Influence of geomagnetic storms on the balance of autonomic regulatory mechanisms]

Georgian Med News. 2005 Sep:(126):64-7.
[Article in Russian]


The investigation aimed to evaluate autonomic regulatory mechanisms in practically healthy persons during the geomagnetically quiet periods and during geomagnetic storms. The examinations were conducted among the volunteer young men (n=64) 18-22 years of age. The autonomic function was studied on the basis of the heart rate variability. The geomagnetically quiet periods were considered when the value of the K-index was no more then 2 and a geomagnetic storm was considered when the value of the index was 5 and more. It is ascertained that in the both cases the basic statistical indices of the heart rate were identical. The analysis of R-R intervals spectral power gave the possibility to sort the persons examined into the three different groups. The data obtained allowed to suggest that geomagnetic storms influence human organisms through the vagus centers by means of their excitation. This phenomenon may be considered as a self-regulatory physiologic mechanism of the adaptive character. The analysis of the spectral power of R-R intervals may be considered as a sensitive method for the detection of the magnitolabile persons.

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