[A case of multiple sclerosis with paroxysmal attacks of facial paresthesia, unilateral hand tremor, epigastric pain and urinary incontinence]

Rinsho Shinkeigaku. 1992 Jan;32(1):52-6.
[Article in Japanese]


A Japanese woman, aged 42, was admitted because of paroxysmal attacks consisting of paresthesia of the left face, tremor in the right hand, epigastric pain and urinary incontinence. A year prior to the admission, she noticed some difficulty in writing, dysarthria and unsteadiness of walking. These symptoms had been persistent since then. At the end of March, 1991, these symptoms rapidly worsened, and she fell down frequently. She also experienced pain behind both eyes, numbness in her left fingers and toe, urinary frequency and the above-mentioned attacks. Neurological examination disclosed bilateral internuclear ophthalmoplegia and upbeating nystagmus on upward gaze, titubation in the head, scanning speech, dysmetria in all limbs, exaggerated reflexes in jaw and both legs, bilateral extensor plantar reflexes and ankle clonus. SEP showed delayed cortical response with stimulation of the median nerves bilaterally and of the right posterior tibial nerve. P40 was absent with the left posterior tibial nerve stimulation. VEP was normal. T2-weighted image of MRI showed multiple high intensity areas located around the third ventricle, crus cerebri and the right upper part of the pons. The diagnosis of multiple sclerosis was made. Each paroxysmal attack started with numbness in the left face and burning sensation in the neck. Almost simultaneously tremor in the right hand began. The surface EMG showed the rhythmic contractions in the dorsal hand muscles and wrist extensors at a frequency of 6-7 Hz, and sometimes it revealed synchronized contractions of finger flexors and the dorsal hand muscles. A few seconds later she felt painful sensation in the epigastric region, and the tremor gradually increased in its intensity.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

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