Allelic and haplotypic frequencies at 11 Y-STR loci in Buryats from South-East Siberia

Forensic Sci Int. 2006 Dec 20;164(2-3):271-5. doi: 10.1016/j.forsciint.2005.11.023. Epub 2006 Feb 13.


We have obtained Y-STR haplotypes in 12 loci (DYS19, DYS385, DYS389I, DYS389II, DYS390, DYS391, DYS392, DYS393, DYS437, DYS438 and DYS439) from 215 Buryat males. We have found that one haplotype (15-11,18-13-28-23-10-11-14-14-10-12) comprises more than 30% of Y chromosomes in this population while another haplotype (14-11,13-14-30-23-10-14-14-14-10-10) comprises additional 14% of chromosomes. The population under study seems to be very homogenous as far as Y chromosome is regarded and the most frequent haplotype seems to be the modal haplotype for Buryats.

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