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, 128 (8), 2635-40

Rigid, Specific, and Discrete Gold Nanoparticle/Antibody Conjugates


Rigid, Specific, and Discrete Gold Nanoparticle/Antibody Conjugates

Christopher J Ackerson et al. J Am Chem Soc.


A general method of rigid, specific labeling of proteins with gold clusters has been devised. The method relies on the conjugation of a glutathione monolayer-protected gold cluster (MPC) with a single chain Fv antibody fragment (scFv), mutated to present an exposed cysteine residue. Efficient formation of a gold-thiolate bond between the MPC and scFv depends on activation of the gold cluster by chemical oxidation. Once formed, the MPC-scFv conjugate is treated with a reductant to quench cluster reactivity. The procedure has been performed with an MPC with an average Au(71) core and an scFv directed against a tetrameric protein, the influenza neuraminidase. A complex of the MPC-scFv conjugate with the neuraminidase was isolated, and the presence of four gold clusters was verified by cryoelectron microscopy.

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