Incidence of Hyperpronation in the ACL Injured Knee: A Clinical Perspective

J Athl Train. 1992;27(1):58-62.


Assessing abnormal biomechanics when treating various lower extremity pathologies provides the athlete with comprehensive management and promotes injury prevention. However, there have been few previous investigations of abnormal biomechanical forces on ligamentous pathologies of the knee. During this clinical study we investigated the incidence of hyperpronation in subjects who have had an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury. Fifty subjects with a past medical history of ACL rupture and 50 subjects without a history of lower extremity pathology participated in our study. Hyperpronation of the foot and ankle complex was measured with the navicular drop test. The ACL injured subjects had greater navicular drop test scores than noninjured subjects. This suggests that hyperpronation of the foot and ankle complex may increase the risk of injury to the ACL. There is a need for further investigation into possible pre-loading stresses on knee ligaments.