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, 154 (1-2), 61-72

Modulation of Aerial Respiratory Behaviour in a Pond Snail


Modulation of Aerial Respiratory Behaviour in a Pond Snail

Ken Lukowiak et al. Respir Physiol Neurobiol.


Aerial respiratory in Lymnaea is driven by a three-neuron CPG whose sufficiency and necessity has been directly demonstrated. While this CPG is 'hard-wired' it displays a tremendous amount of plasticity. That is, it is possible by employing specific training procedures to alter how it functions in a specific hypoxic environment. Thus, it is possible to study directly the causal mechanisms of long-term memory formation, forgetting, and modulation of the memory at a single cell level. Thus, it is possible to use a relatively simple three-neuron CPG to study not only important questions concerning regulation of important homeostatic mechanisms but to also use it to study how learning and non-declarative memory are mediated at a cellular level.

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