Genomic characterization of the unclassified bovine enteric virus Newbury agent-1 (Newbury1) endorses a new genus in the family Caliciviridae

Virology. 2006 Jun 20;350(1):240-50. doi: 10.1016/j.virol.2006.02.027. Epub 2006 Mar 30.


The pathogenic bovine enteric virus, Newbury agent-1 (Bo//Newbury1/1976/UK), first identified in 1976, was characterized as a possible calicivirus by morphology, buoyant density in CsCl and the presence of a single capsid protein but genomic sequence could not be obtained. In the present study, the complete genome sequence of Newbury1 was determined and classified Newbury1 in a new genus of the Caliciviridae. The Newbury1 genome, of 7454 nucleotides, had two predicted open reading frames (ORFs). ORF1 encoded the non-structural and contiguous capsid proteins. ORF2 encoded a basic protein characteristic of the family Caliciviridae. Compared to the 4 recognized Caliciviridae genera, Norovirus, Sapovirus, Lagovirus and Vesivirus, Newbury1 had less than 39% amino acid (47% nucleotide) identity in the complete 2C-helicase, 3C-protease, 3D-polymerase and capsid regions but had 89% to 98% amino acid (78% to 92% nucleotide) identity to the recently characterized NB virus in these regions. By phylogenetic analyses, Newbury1 and NB viruses formed a distinct clade independent of the 4 recognized genera. However, amino acid identities showed that Newbury1 and the NB virus were distinct polymerase types (90% amino acid identity), but their complete capsid proteins were almost identical (98% amino acid identity). Analyses of contemporary viruses showed that the two polymerase genotypes, Newbury1 and NB, were circulating in UK cattle and antibody to Newbury1-like viruses was common in cattle sera. The present study defined the existence of a new genus in the Caliciviridae that we propose be named Becovirus or Nabovirus to distinguish the new clade from bovine noroviruses.

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