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Case Reports
, 12 (3), 9

Lymphomatoid Papulosis Localized to the Face

  • PMID: 16638423
Case Reports

Lymphomatoid Papulosis Localized to the Face

Stéphane Dalle et al. Dermatol Online J.


We report a case of lymphomatoid papulosis (LyP) localized to the face. Only ten cases of localized LyP have been reported, and those involved the extremities. Three of those cases finally evolved to classic LyP with a widespread distribution of the lesions, the other cases remain limited. The evolution into lymphoma for the localized form appears to be equivalent to that reported with the generalized LyP (20 %), underlining the need for long-term followup of these patients. This is the first reported case of LyP localized to the face.

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