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, 57, 109-25

Control of the Actin Cytoskeleton in Plant Cell Growth


Control of the Actin Cytoskeleton in Plant Cell Growth

Patrick J Hussey et al. Annu Rev Plant Biol.


Plant cells grow through increases in volume and cell wall surface area. The mature morphology of a plant cell is a product of the differential rates of expansion between neighboring zones of the cell wall during this process. Filamentous actin arrays are associated with plant cell growth, and the activity of actin-binding proteins is proving to be essential for proper cell morphogenesis. Actin-nucleating proteins participate in cell expansion and cell plate formation whereas the recycling of actin monomers is required to maintain actin dynamics and controlled growth. Coordination of actin-binding protein activity and other aspects of cytoskeletal behavior during cell development maintains cohesive cell expansion. Emerging plant signaling networks are proving to be powerful regulators of morphology-shaping cytoskeletal activity, and in this review we highlight current research in actin network regulation.

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