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, 17 (7), 916-922

Miniature Toroidal Radio Frequency Ion Trap Mass Analyzer


Miniature Toroidal Radio Frequency Ion Trap Mass Analyzer

Stephen A Lammert et al. J Am Soc Mass Spectrom.


A miniature ion trap mass analyzer is reported. The described analyzer is a 1/5-scale version of a previously reported toroidal radio frequency (rf) ion trap mass analyzer. The toroidal ion trap operates with maximum rf trapping voltages about 1 kVp-p or less; however despite the reduced dimensions, it retains roughly the same ion trapping capacity as conventional 3D quadrupole ion traps. The curved geometry provides for a compact mass analyzer. Unit-mass resolved mass spectra for n-butylbenzene, xenon, and naphthalene are reported and preliminary sensitivity data are shown for naphthalene. The expected linear mass scale with rf amplitude scan is obtained when scanned using a conventional mass-selective instability scan mode combined with resonance ejection.

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