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Unexpected Death After Headache Due to a Colloid Cyst of the Third Ventricle


Unexpected Death After Headache Due to a Colloid Cyst of the Third Ventricle

Sameer S Shaktawat et al. World J Surg Oncol.


Background: Colloid cysts of the third ventricle are rare benign intracranial non-neoplastic cysts. Headache is the most common symptom. We present a case of sudden death due to colloid cyst in a 17 year old female who had symptoms of intermittent headaches.

Case presentation: A 17 year old female presented with intermittent mild headaches for a period of two years. She complained of severe headache in the night and was found unresponsive the next morning. Resuscitation team was called on site but the patient was already dead. At post mortem examination a dilated ventricular system was found with a colloid cyst of the third ventricle.

Conclusion: This report highlights the difficulty in the diagnosis and importance of recognizing colloid cyst of the third ventricle which should be in the differential diagnosis of headaches in children and young adults and of hydrocephalus at autopsy.


Figure 1
Figure 1
Gross picture of the brain, arrow shows dilated ventricle due to blockage of the foramen of Monro by a colloid cyst (chevron).

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