Metal Transportome of Neurospora Crassa

In Silico Biol. 2006;6(3):169-80.


Neurospora crassa has been the model filamentous fungus for the study of many fundamental cellular mechanisms of transport and metabolism. The recently completed genome sequence of N. crassa has over 10,000 genes without significant matches for a large number of genes (41%) in the sequence databases, indeed presents many challenges for new discoveries. Using transporter database and BLAST searches a total of 65 open reading frames for putative cation transporter genes have been identified in N. crassa. These were further confirmed by characteristic features of the family like transmembrane domains (TOPPRED 2), conserved motifs (Clustal W) and phylogenetic analysis (TREETOP). In Neurospora cation transporter genes constitute nearly 18.3% of the total membrane transport systems, which is higher than E. coli (8.8%), S. cerevisiae (13.7%), S. pombe (17.2%), A. fumigatus (10.1%), A. thaliana (16.8%) and H. sapiens (15.6%). We refer to the complete complement of metal ion transporter genes as "Metal Transportome". There are a total of 33 putative transporters for alkali and alkaline earth metals constituting 18 for calcium (P-ATPase, VIC, CaCA, Mid1), 7 for sodium (P-ATPase, CPA1, CPA2), 4 for potassium (Trk, VIC, KUP), and 4 for magnesium (MIT). Transition metal ion transporters account for 32 transporters including 7 for zinc (ZIP), 6 for copper (Ctr2, Ctr1), 2 each for manganese (Nramp), iron (OFeT), arsenite (ArsAB, ACR3) and other metal ions (ABC and P-ATPase) and 1 each for nickel (NiCoT) and chromate (CHR). N. crassa has 7 linkage groups of which LGI harbors 21 of metal ion transporters and in contrast LGVII has only 2. Studies on metal transportomes of different organisms will help to unravel the role of metal ion transporters in homeostasis.

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