Antibodies to non-beta regions of the beta-amyloid precursor protein detect a subset of senile plaques

Am J Pathol. 1991 Feb;138(2):373-84.


A central unresolved issue in Alzheimer's disease is the origin of the extracellular amyloid beta protein (A beta P) found in senile plaques and its relationship to the dystrophic neurites that intimately surround it. Here the presence and distribution within senile plaques of various epitopes of the beta-amyloid precursor protein (APP) are compared with the distribution of A beta P itself and markers for plaque neurites. Several principal findings emerge: 1) antibodies to regions of APP outside of A beta P ('APP antibodies') recognize only a subgroup of senile plaques; 2) within these plaques, APP antibodies label discrete globular and granular structures morphologically resembling neurites; 3) virtually all of the plaques labeled by APP antibodies also contain neurites reactive with antibodies to tau; 4) double labeling with anti-tau and an APP antibody shows that the neuritelike profiles stained by the APP antibody are always closely associated with tau-positive neurites within the same plaque and that a minority of profiles appear to be labeled by both antibodies; and 5) antibodies to different regions throughout APP label the same profiles within plaques, suggesting the presence of the full-length precursor. The authors conclude that only a subgroup of senile plaques contain APP epitopes and that the immunostained structures are neurites. Because many A beta P-containing plaques in neocortex, cerebellum, and striatum were found to be devoid of any APP labeling, as were vascular A beta P deposits, it is unlikely that the extracellular A beta P is principally derived from the APP found within dystrophic neurites. The immunodetection of apparently full-length APP, an axonally transported protein, in selected plaque neurites provides yet another protein marker of neuritic dystrophy, possibly indicative of an aberrant regenerative response.

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