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, 51 (12), 2310-5

Progression of Atrophic Gastritis and Intestinal Metaplasia Drives Helicobacter Pylori Out of the Gastric Mucosa


Progression of Atrophic Gastritis and Intestinal Metaplasia Drives Helicobacter Pylori Out of the Gastric Mucosa

Hae Yeon Kang et al. Dig Dis Sci.


This study was performed to evaluate the implication of anti-H. pylori IgG positivity when CLOtest, histological test, and culture in the antrum and body are all negative, and to find out the specific disease category that is more affected by the hostile relationship of atrophic gastritis and intestinal metaplasia (IM) with H. pylori. Four hundred thirty-six patients (84 controls, 69 with duodenal ulcer, 96 with benign gastric ulcer, 43 with dysplasia, 144 with gastric cancer), who had not received any eradication therapy, were divided into three groups according to H. pylori test: CLOtest or histological H. pylori-positive group (group A; 294 cases), only anti-H. pylori IgG-positive group (group B; 62 cases), and anti-H. pylori IgG-negative group (group C; 80 cases). The grade of neutrophil and monocyte infiltration, atrophic gastritis, and IM was compared according to the updated Sydney system classification. Neutrophil and monocyte infiltrations were significantly severe in the group A. In contrast, the grade of atrophic gastritis and IM in the antrum was significantly higher in group B than the other two groups, A or C. When patients were divided according to the disease outcome in each group, the grade of IM in the body was statistically higher only in the patients with cancer or dysplasia in group B. These results suggest that anti-H. pylori IgG positivity with all negative invasive H. pylori tests represents past infection with H. pylori rather than a false negative, especially in the case of dysplasia and gastric cancer.

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