Nucleoside transport and its significance for anticancer drug resistance

Drug Resist Updat. 1998;1(5):310-24. doi: 10.1016/s1368-7646(98)80047-2.


This article discusses the role of nucleoside transport processes in the cytotoxicity of clinically important anticancer nucleosides. This article summarizes recent advances in the molecular biology of nucleoside transport proteins, review the current state of knowledge of the transportability of therapeutically useful anticancer nucleosides, and provide an overview of the role of nucleoside transport deficiency as a mechanism of resistance to nucleoside cytotoxicity are summarized. Several strategies for utilization of nucleoside transport processes to improve the therapeutic index of anticancer therapies, including the use of nucleoside-transport inhibitors to modulate toxicity of both nucleoside and non-nucleoside antimetabolite drugs are also presented.