Platelet-derived microvesicles induce differential gene expression in monocytic cells: a DNA microarray study

Platelets. 2006 Dec;17(8):571-6. doi: 10.1080/09537100600760244.


Platelet-derived microvesicles (PMV) that are shed from the plasma membrane of activated platelets, expose various platelet-type antigens on their surface and are able to adhere to other blood cells and endothelial cells. There are several clinical conditions with markedly increased numbers of PMV, e.g. acute coronary syndrome, thrombotic microangiopathy and sepsis. To prove whether PMV may contribute to an inflammatory response we used DNA microarray technology to study the effect of PMV on gene expression in the prototypic monocytic cell line MonoMac 6 (MM6). PMV were generated by activating human platelets in plasma with collagen and subsequent removal of platelets and plasma by repeated centrifugation. MM6 were incubated for 2 h with PMV in a ratio corresponding to 75 platelets/cell, or saline as control. After RNA isolation, reverse transcription and fluorescence labelling, cDNA was hybridized on a medium density microarray comprising 5308 probes addressing 4868 transcripts of 4730 human genes relevant to inflammation, immune response and related processes. The formation of PMV-MM6 conjugates was associated with significant variations in gene expression, i.e. 93 genes were found to be differentially expressed (P < 0.001; q < 0.087). Among them, 47 genes with annotated transcripts and proteins were identified. Using Ingenuity Pathway Analysis, 37 of the differentially expressed genes were identified as parts of networks associated with functional pathways including cell-to-cell signalling, cellular growth and proliferation, regulation of gene expression and lipid metabolism. For sphingosine kinase-1 the increased expression could be confirmed exemplarily not only by RT-PCR but also on the enzyme activity level. The data indicate that PMV signal differential expression of inflammation-relevant genes in monocytic cells and may represent a novel link between hemostasis and inflammation.

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