Protein sequence database for pathogenic arenaviruses

Immunome Res. 2007 Feb 8;3:1. doi: 10.1186/1745-7580-3-1.


Background: Arenaviruses are a family of rodent-borne viruses that cause several hemorrhagic fevers. These diseases can be devastating and are often lethal. Herein, to aid in the design and development of diagnostics, treatments and vaccines for arenavirus infections, we have developed a database containing protein sequences from the seven pathogenic arenaviruses (Junin, Guanarito, Sabia, Machupo, Whitewater Arroyo, Lassa and LCMV).

Results: The database currently contains a non-redundant set of 333 protein sequences which were manually annotated. All entries were linked to NCBI and cited PubMed references. The database has a convenient query interface including BLAST search. Sequence variability analyses were also performed and the results are hosted in the database.

Conclusion: The database is available at and can be used to aid in studies that require proteomic information from pathogenic arenaviruses.