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. 2007;76:51-74.
doi: 10.1146/annurev.biochem.76.050106.093909.

The Nonsense-Mediated Decay RNA Surveillance Pathway


The Nonsense-Mediated Decay RNA Surveillance Pathway

Yao-Fu Chang et al. Annu Rev Biochem. .


Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay (NMD) is a quality-control mechanism that selectively degrades mRNAs harboring premature termination (nonsense) codons. If translated, these mRNAs can produce truncated proteins with dominant-negative or deleterious gain-of-function activities. In this review, we describe the molecular mechanism of NMD. We first cover conserved factors known to be involved in NMD in all eukaryotes. We then describe a unique protein complex that is deposited on mammalian mRNAs during splicing, which defines a stop codon as premature. Interaction between this exon-junction complex (EJC) and NMD factors assembled at the upstream stop codon triggers a series of steps that ultimately lead to mRNA decay. We discuss whether these proofreading events preferentially occur during a "pioneer" round of translation in higher and lower eukaryotes, their cellular location, and whether they can use alternative EJC factors or act independent of the EJC.

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