Screening for iron deficiency anemia in a well baby clinic

Ann Saudi Med. 1996 Nov;16(6):622-4. doi: 10.5144/0256-4947.1996.622.


With a view to combating the long-term effects of iron deficiency anemia in infants, we carried out a screening program of infants at nine months of age in the Well Baby Clinic. We screened 4751 infants using complete venous blood count analysis, 2668 were anemic (Hb <11 gm/dL). Those with hemoglobin less than 10 gm/dL were recalled to be given iron therapy and further follow-up. Although we faced problems with both compliance and follow-up, we felt that it was feasible to screen for iron deficiency anemia in the Well Baby Clinic setting. A very high prevalence of anemia was found in the population screened. This justified continuation of the program, intensifying parent education to comply with iron therapy and, more importantly, to teach the proper weaning of their infants to prevent iron deficiency anemia.