A crossed molecular beam study on the formation of hexenediynyl radicals (H(2)CCCCCCH; C(6)H(3) (X(2)A')) via reactions of tricarbon molecules, C(3)(X(1)Sigma(g)(+)), with allene (H(2)CCCH(2); X(1)A(1)) and methylacetylene (CH(3)CCH; X(1)A(1))

Phys Chem Chem Phys. 2007 Apr 28;9(16):1972-9. doi: 10.1039/b618179a. Epub 2007 Feb 15.


Crossed molecular beams experiments have been utilized to investigate the reaction dynamics between two closed shell species, i.e. the reactions of tricarbon molecules, C(3)(X(1)Sigma(g)(+)), with allene (H(2)CCCH(2); X(1)A(1)), and with methylacetylene (CH(3)CCH; X(1)A(1)). Our investigations indicated that both these reactions featured characteristic threshold energies of 40-50 kJ mol(-1). The reaction dynamics are indirect and suggested the reactions proceeded via an initial addition of the tricarbon molecule to the unsaturated hydrocarbon molecules forming initially cyclic reaction intermediates of the generic formula C(6)H(4). The cyclic intermediates isomerize to yield eventually the acyclic isomers CH(3)CCCCCH (methylacetylene reaction) and H(2)CCCCCCH(2) (allene reaction). Both structures decompose via atomic hydrogen elimination to form the 1-hexene-3,4-diynyl-2 radical (C(6)H(3); H(2)CCCCCCH). Future flame studies utilizing the Advanced Light Source should therefore investigate the existence of 1-hexene-3,4-diynyl-2 radicals in high temperature methylacetylene and allene flames. Since the corresponding C(3)H(3), C(4)H(3), and C(5)H(3) radicals have been identified via their ionization potentials in combustion flames, the existence of the C(6)H(3) isomer 1-hexene-3,4-diynyl-2 can be predicted as well.

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