Echinodermata from São Sebastião Channel (São Paulo, Brazil)

Rev Biol Trop. 2005 Dec;53 Suppl 3:207-18.


Faunal inventories are extremely important, especially when focused on neglected groups, such as echinoderms, and concentrated on areas under intense anthropic activity such as the SAo Sebastilo Channel in Brazil (23 degrees 41' - 23 degrees 54' S and 45 degrees 19' - 45 degrees 30' W). Intertidal and upper sublittoral zone collections were performed at five sites of the Channel's continental margin from May to August 2001. The rocky substrate down to 19 m deep was surveyed by snorkeling and SCUBA diving from August 2002 to May 2004, on both margins of the Channel: continental (14 sites) and insular (10 sites). We report a total of 38 species of echinoderms (one Crinoidea, nine Asteroidea, 13 Ophiuroidea, nine Echinoidea and six Holothuroidea). Seven of those species have been recorded here for the first time for the Channel (four Asteroidea, two Ophiuroidea and one Echinoidea).

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