Vibrational spectroscopy of hydrated electron clusters (H2O)(-)(15-50) via infrared multiple photon dissociation

J Chem Phys. 2007 May 21;126(19):191105. doi: 10.1063/1.2741508.


Infrared multiple photon dissociation spectra for size-selected water cluster anions (H2O)(n)(-), n=15-50, are presented covering the frequency range of 560-1820 cm(-1). The cluster ions are trapped and cooled by collisions with ambient He gas at 20 K, with the goal of defining the cluster temperature better than in previous investigations of these species. Signal is seen in two frequency regions centered around 700 and 1500-1650 cm(-1), corresponding to water librational and bending motions, respectively. The bending feature associated with a double-acceptor water molecule binding to the excess electron is clearly seen up to n=35, but above n=25; this feature begins to blueshift and broadens, suggesting a more delocalized electron binding motif for the larger clusters in which the excess electron interacts with multiple water molecules.