The Ash Split CathTM as long-term IJ access: Hydraulic performance and longevity

J Vasc Access. Jan-Mar 2002;3(1):3-9. doi: 10.1177/112972980200300102.


A prospective observational study was performed to determine the duration of use of the Ash Split Cath placed as primary or bridge access in ESRD patients; 164 ESRD patients received a Split Cath in the IJ location, with transcutaneous placement guided by ultrasound. Mean follow-up time was 19.3 months (maximum up to 48 months). During the follow-up, there were 36 catheter failures resulting in removal, 53% due to infection and the others due to outflow failure or break (leak) of the catheter. By Kaplan-Maier analysis 82% of placed catheters were functional at 12 months and half-life of catheter duration was 26 months. Blood flow rates during dialysis were not distinguishable between IJ catheter patients and those with functioning grafts or fistulas. Function, safety and duration of use of the Split Cath in the IJ location all compare favorably to AV grafts.