Electropherotypes of Rotaviruses in Children less than 5 years old in Abidjan, Cote D'ivoire in 1997

Afr J Health Sci. Jan-Jun 2001;8(1-2):33-8.


Rotaviruses Are associated with gastroenteritis in human infants and the young of many species. In this study, we analysed the circulating strains of human rotavirus isolated from young children in Abidjan by electrophoresis of the viral RNA genome in agarose gels. Rotavirus strains were identified in 33 children less than two years of age in the Yopougon district of Abidjan, Cote d'lvoire. Viral RNA was extracted from the stools by phenol-chloroform treatment at 56 degrees C, followed by centrifugation at 12 OOOrpm. The electrophoresis was performed in 1.5 % agarose gels stained with 5 % ethidium bromide and Tris-acetate as the running buffer. Ten ul of each sample was loaded onto the gels which were run at lOOv for 30min. In total, 17 of the 33 specimens yielded an RNA electropherotype. Seven different RNA profiles were observed with 14 (82.4% ) long profiles and 3 (17%) short profiles. These RNA profiles represented the group A rotavirus pattern. No mixed infections were seen. There was no correlation between the age and sex of the patient with the RNA electropherotype. Serogroup A rotaviruses were the principle strains circulating in this study. Further characterization of these strains at the subgroup and serotype level will be conducted.