Exciton optoelectronic transistor

Opt Lett. 2007 Sep 1;32(17):2466-8. doi: 10.1364/ol.32.002466.


We demonstrate experimental proof of principle for an optoelectronic transistor based on the modulation of exciton flux via gate voltage. The exciton optoelectronic transistor (EXOT) implements electronic operation on photons by using excitons as intermediate media; the intensity of light emitted at the optical output is proportional to the intensity of light at the optical input and is controlled electronically by the gate. We demonstrate a contrast ratio of 30 between an on state and an off state of the EXOT and its operation at speeds greater than 1 GHz. Our studies also demonstrate high-speed control of both the flux and the potential energy of excitons on a time scale much shorter than the exciton lifetime.