Gene expression of Na+/H+ exchanger in zebrafish H+ -ATPase-rich cells during acclimation to low-Na+ and acidic environments

Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2007 Dec;293(6):C1814-23. doi: 10.1152/ajpcell.00358.2007. Epub 2007 Oct 3.


In mammalian nephrons, most of the Na(+) and HCO(3)(-) is reabsorbed by proximal tubular cells in which the Na(+)/H(+) exchanger 3 (NHE3) is the major player. The roles of NHEs in Na(+) uptake/acid-base regulation in freshwater (FW) fish gills are still being debated. In the present study, functional genomic approaches were used to clone and sequence the full-length cDNAs of the nhe family from zebrafish (Danio rerio). A phylogenetic tree analysis of the deduced amino acid sequences showed that zNHE1-8 are homologous to their mammalian counterparts. By RT-PCR analysis and double/triple in situ hybridization/immunocytochemistry, only zebrafish NHE3b was expressed in zebrafish gills and was colocalized with V-H(+)-ATPase but not with Na(+)-K(+)-ATPase, indicating that H(+)-ATPase-rich (HR) cells specifically express NHE3b. A subsequent quantitative RT-PCR analysis demonstrated that acclimation to low-Na(+) FW caused upregulation and downregulation of the expressions of znhe3b and zatp6v0c (H(+)-ATPase C-subunit), respectively, in gill HR cells, whereas acclimation to acidic FW showed reversed effects on the expressions of these two genes. In conclusion, both NHE3b and H(+)-ATPase are probably involved in Na(+) uptake/acid-base regulation in zebrafish gills, like mammalian kidneys, but the partitioning of these two transporters may be differentially regulated depending on the environmental situation in which fish are acclimatized.

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