Expression of three distinct families of calcium-activated chloride channel genes in the mouse dorsal root ganglion

Neurosci Bull. 2007 Sep;23(5):293-9. doi: 10.1007/s12264-007-0044-8.


Objective A calcium-activated chloride current (IClCa) has been observed in medium-sized sensory neurons of the dorsal root ganglion (DRG). Axotomy of the sciatic nerve induces a similar current in the majority of medium and large diameter neurons. Our aim is to identify the molecule(s) underlying this current. Methods Using conventional and quantitative RT-PCR, we examined the expression in DRG of members of three families of genes, which have been shown to have IClCa current inducing properties. Results We showed the detection of transcripts representing several members of these families, i.e. chloride channel calcium-activated (CLCA), Bestrophin and Tweety gene families in adult DRG, in the normal state and 3 d after sciatic nerve section, a model for peripheral nerve injury. Conclusion Our analysis revealed that that mBest1 and Tweety2 appear as the best candidates to play a role in the injury-induced IClCa in DRG neurons.

目的: 在背根神经节 (dorsal root ganglion, DRG) 中等大小感觉神经元中可以观察到钙激活氯离子流 (I Cl(Ca))。 在坐骨神经损伤模型中, 在大多数大中神经元上诱导出类似的氯离子流。 本文旨在探讨引起这个离子流的分子基础。

方法: 使用常规的定量 RT-PCR 方法检测在 DRG 中三个基因家族的表达, 这三个基因家族都具有诱导 I Cl(Ca) 的特点。

结果: 在成年小鼠的DRG中, 分别显示了在正常状态和坐骨神经损伤3天后 CLCA, Bestrophin 和Tweety基因家族成员的转录产物。

结论: MBestl和Tweety2可能在损伤诱导的DRG神经元I Cl(Ca)中发挥作用。

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