KEGGanim: pathway animations for high-throughput data

Bioinformatics. 2008 Feb 15;24(4):588-90. doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btm581. Epub 2007 Dec 1.


Motivation: Gene expression analysis with microarrays has become one of the most widely used high-throughput methods for gathering genome-wide functional data. Emerging -omics fields such as proteomics and interactomics introduce new information sources. With the rise of systems biology, researchers need to concentrate on entire complex pathways that guide individual genes and related processes. Bioinformatics methods are needed to link the existing knowledge about pathways with the growing amounts of experimental data.

Results: We present KEGGanim, a novel web-based tool for visualizing experimental data in biological pathways. KEGGanim produces animations and images of KEGG pathways using public or user uploaded high-throughput data. Pathway members are coloured according to experimental measurements, and animated over experimental conditions. KEGGanim visualization highlights dynamic changes over conditions and allows the user to observe important modules and key genes that influence the pathway. The simple user interface of KEGGanim provides options for filtering genes and experimental conditions. KEGGanim may be used with public or private data for 14 organisms with a large collection of public microarray data readily available. Most common gene and protein identifiers and microarray probesets are accepted for visualization input.


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