ACUA: a software tool for automated codon usage analysis

Bioinformation. 2007 Oct 6;2(2):62-3. doi: 10.6026/97320630002062.


Currently available codon usage analysis tools lack intuitive graphical user interface and are limited to inbuilt calculations. ACUA (Automated Codon Usage Tool) has been developed to perform high throughput sequence analysis aiding statistical profiling of codon usage. The results of ACUA are presented in a spreadsheet with all perquisite codon usage data required for statistical analysis, displayed in a graphical interface. The package is also capable of on-click sequence retrieval from the results interface, and this feature is unique to ACUA.

Availability: The package is available for non-commercial purposes and can be downloaded from:

Keywords: ACUA; CAI; RSCU; codon usage; statistical analysis.