Wave-front generation of Zernike polynomial modes with a micromachined membrane deformable mirror

Appl Opt. 1999 Oct 1;38(28):6019-26. doi: 10.1364/ao.38.006019.


We investigate the characteristics of a 37-channel micromachined membrane deformable mirror for wave-front generation. We demonstrate wave-front generation of the first 20 Zernike polynomial modes, using an iterative algorithm to adjust driving voltages. The results show that lower-order-mode wave fronts can be generated with good accuracy and large dynamic range, whereas the generation of higher-order modes is limited by the number of the actuator channels and the working range of the deformable mirror. The speed of wave-front generation can be as fast as several hundred hertz. Our results indicate that, in addition to generation of wave fronts with known aberrations, the characteristics of the micromachined membrane deformable mirror device can be useful in adaptive optics systems for compensating the first five orders of aberration.