Idiopathic temporal bone encephalocele

Skull Base. 2007 Sep;17(5):311-6. doi: 10.1055/s-2007-986429.


Meningoencephaloceles are herniations of brain tissue through dehiscences of the skull base. These skull defects are either acquired (otologic infection, trauma, surgery, neoplasia) or spontaneous. Spontaneous temporal bone meningoencephaloceles are quite rare conditions, usually congenital in origin presenting during childhood, and only occasionally idiopathic presenting during adulthood. We present a case of temporal bone meningoencephalocele of adult onset. The patient was treated with exploratory mastoidectomy, amputation of the herniated cele and closure of the defect with temporalis fascia and an inferiorly based pedicled muscular flap. No reconstruction of the bony defect was performed, as the layered closure was considered adequate. Twelve months' follow-up revealed no relapse of the condition or postoperative complications.

Keywords: Temporal bone; brain herniation; meningoencephalocele.

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  • Case Reports