Laser spectroscopy of iridium monoboride

J Chem Phys. 2008 Apr 21;128(15):154321. doi: 10.1063/1.2901964.


High resolution laser induced fluorescence spectrum of IrB in the spectral region between 545 and 610 nm has been recorded and analyzed. Reacting laser-ablated iridium atoms with 1% B(2)H(6) seeded in argon produced the IrB molecule. This is the first experimental observation of the IrB molecule. Four vibronic transition bands, (v,0) with v=0-3 of an electronic transition system, have been observed. Spectra of all four isotopic molecules, (191)Ir(10)B, (193)Ir(10)B, (191)Ir(11)B, and (193)Ir(11)B, were recorded. Isotopic relationships confirmed the carrier of the spectra and the vibrational quantum number assignment. Preliminary analysis of rotational lines showed that these vibronic bands are with Omega' = 2 and Omega" = 3. The electronic transition identified is assigned as the [16.5](3)Pi(2)-X(3)Delta(3) system. Partially resolved hyperfine structure which conforms to the Hund's case a(beta) coupling scheme has been observed and analyzed. The bond length r(0) of the lower X(3)Delta(3) state of IrB was determined to be 1.7675 A.