The relationship between genetic and cytogenetic maps of pea. I. Standard and translocation karyotypes

Genome. 1997 Oct;40(5):744-54. doi: 10.1139/g97-797.


A detailed cytogenetical study of inbred lines of pea and their F1 hybrids has been undertaken to study the relationship between the cytogenetic map and the molecular linkage map. The mitotic karyotypes of a standard pea line, JI15, a translocation line, JI61, and line JI281, a line used in the production of a mapping population, are given. A chromosome rearrangement detected by cytogenetic analysis of mitotic chromosomes has been further defined by synaptonemal complex (SC) analysis and the study of metaphase I chromosome behaviour. This meiotic analysis has allowed a comparison of SC physical lengths, observed chiasma frequencies, and recombination frequencies, as estimated from the genetic map, as a means of comparing physical and genetic distances.