Biased gene conversion is not occurring among rDNA repeats in the Brassica triangle

Genome. 1996 Feb;39(1):150-4. doi: 10.1139/g96-020.


Hybridization is a common phenomenon that results in complex genomes. How ancestral genomes interact in hybrids has long been of great interest. Recombination among ancestral genomes may increase or decrease genetic variation. This study examines rDNA from members of the Brassica triangle for evidence of gene conversion across ancestral genomes. Gene conversion is a powerful force in the evolution of multigene families. It has previously been shown that biased gene conversion can act to homogenize rDNA repeats within hybrid genomes. Here, we find no evidence for biased gene conversion or unequal crossing over across ancestral genomes in allotetraploid Brassica species. We suggest that, while basic genomic processes are shared by all organisms, the relative frequency of these processes and their evolutionary importance may differ among lineages. Key words : Brassica, rDNA, gene conversion, allotetraploids.