Identification of the E3900 family, a second family of rye B chromosome specific repeated sequences

Genome. 1993 Aug;36(4):706-11. doi: 10.1139/g93-095.


A second family of highly repeated sequences has been identified on the B chromosome of rye (Secale cereale). The E3900 family was detected as a variant band in EcoRI digests of +B DNA. A clone of the basic repeat of the family was obtained, and the organization of the family was investigated by genomic hybridization. The E3900 family has no apparent homology to the A chromosome sequences of rye or other members of the Gramineae. The family has been localized by in situ hybridization to the end of the long arm of the rye B chromosome. The previously characterized E1100 sequence shows in situ hybridization to the same location as the E3900 family. These results are discussed in light of current theories of the origin of B chromosomes.