Molecular-genetic maps for group 1 chromosomes of Triticeae species and their relation to chromosomes in rice and oat

Genome. 1995 Feb;38(1):45-59. doi: 10.1139/g95-006.


Group 1 chromosomes of the Triticeae tribe have been studied extensively because many important genes have been assigned to them. In this paper, chromosome 1 linkage maps of Triticum aestivum, T. tauschii, and T. monococcum are compared with existing barley and rye maps to develop a consensus map for Triticeae species and thus facilitate the mapping of agronomic genes in this tribe. The consensus map that was developed consists of 14 agronomically important genes, 17 DNA markers that were derived from known-function clones, and 76 DNA markers derived from anonymous clones. There are 12 inconsistencies in the order of markers among seven wheat, four barley, and two rye maps. A comparison of the Triticeae group 1 chromosome consensus map with linkage maps of homoeologous chromosomes in rice indicates that the linkage maps for the long arm and the proximal portion of the short arm of group 1 chromosomes are conserved among these species. Similarly, gene order is conserved between Triticeae chromosome 1 and its homoeologous chromosome in oat. The location of the centromere in rice and oat chromosomes is estimated from its position in homoeologous group 1 chromosomes of Triticeae.