[Spectophotometric method for preparing the inocula of dematiaceous fungi]

Rev Iberoam Micol. 1998 Sep;15(3):155-7.
[Article in Spanish]


The aim of this study was to adapt a spectrophotometric method for preparing the inocula of dematiaceous fungi used for in vitro susceptibility tests. Fifty-two isolates of 17 different species of dematiaceous fungi were used for this purpose. Homogeneous suspensions of conidia and hyphae of these isolates were obtained and adjusted for reading at 530 and 550 nm at 40% and 50% of transmittance. The suspensions were standardised to 1-5 x 10 e6 CFU/ml. Quality controls of the inocula were done by quantitative cultures on agar-Sabouraud plates. The inocula obtained by spectrophotometry showed little variability within all the isolates. This method can be useful for in vitro antifungal evaluation of dematiaceous fungi.

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