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. 2008 Jul;45(12):3411-8.
doi: 10.1016/j.molimm.2008.04.003. Epub 2008 May 21.

Dock10, a Novel CZH Protein Selectively Induced by interleukin-4 in Human B Lymphocytes


Dock10, a Novel CZH Protein Selectively Induced by interleukin-4 in Human B Lymphocytes

Estefanía Yelo et al. Mol Immunol. .


The Dock or CZH proteins are a family of activators for Rho GTPase proteins. The Zizimin subfamily is composed of three members: Dock9, Dock10, and Dock11. We have identified DOCK10 as an interleukin-4 (IL4)-inducible gene in chronic lymphocytic leukemias (CLLs). Subsequently, we have obtained the full-length cDNA sequence, which encodes a 2180 amino acid protein. Dock9 (2069 amino acids) and Dock11 (2073 amino acids) share more identity between them (58%) than with Dock10 (52% and 50%, respectively). Among normal human tissues, DOCK10 and DOCK11 mRNAs were mainly expressed in peripheral blood (PB) leukocytes. Dock10 protein was expressed at similar levels in normal PB-B and PB-T cells. Dock10 protein levels were heterogeneous in CLLs. IL4 consistently increased Dock10 mRNA and protein levels in CLL and normal PB-B cells. In contrast, IL4 did not affect the levels of Dock10 expression in normal PB-T cells. IL4 neither increased DOCK9 or DOCK11 mRNA levels in CLL cells. Dock10 protein distributed in the cytoplasm and nucleus of CLL cells, and IL4 increased its expression in both cellular compartments. The rapid and distinctive induction of Dock10 expression by IL4 in CLL and normal PB-B cells suggests a role for Dock10 in IL4-induced B-cell activation. Dock10 could represent a point of convergence for IL4 signalling and small Rho GTPase function in B cells.

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