Binding of the human complement subcomponent C1q to hybrid mouse monoclonal antibodies

Mol Immunol. 1991 Jun;28(6):567-76. doi: 10.1016/0161-5890(91)90125-4.


Activation of the classical pathway of the complement system is initiated by the binding of C1q to antibody complexes. Here we evaluated the C1q binding capacity of series of monospecific and bispecific hybrid mouse monoclonal antibodies (mAb) and compared them with parental (conventional) mAb. The hierarchy in C1q binding capacity of the bispecific anti-HuIgA1/HRP mAb with homologous H-H chain combinations (IgG2a-2a, IgG2b-2b and IgG1-1) and the parental anti-HuIgA1 or anti-HRP mAb was identical; IgG2a greater than IgG2b much greater than IgG1. Hybrid IgG1-2a mAb bind intermediate amounts of C1q when compared with the IgG1 and IgG2a parental antibodies. IgG1-2b and IgG1-1 hybrid mAb did not bind any C1q, like the IgG1 mAb. We could not observe any difference in C1q binding efficiency between monovalently bound IgG1-2a, IgG2a-2a and IgG2b-2b anti-HuIgA1 HRP mAb and the bivalently bound IgG1-2a, IgG2a-2a and IgG2b-2b anti-HuIgA1 mAb, respectively. Furthermore, these hybrid ms anti-HuIgA1 and bs anti-HRP/HuIgA1 mAb were able to lyse HuIgA1-coated erythrocytes, in the presence of 50% human serum, as efficiently as their parental counterparts. These data indicate that a simultaneous binding of both F(ab') fragment to antigen is not a necessary prerequisite for binding and activation of C1q.

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