Physical basis of adverse and therapeutic effects of low intensity microwave radiation

Indian J Exp Biol. 2008 May;46(5):403-19.


A physical basis of adverse and therapeutic effects of low intensity microwave radiation is presented based on the concept of oscillatory similitude between the frequency of an external microwave field (together with any lower frequency modulations thereof) and those of certain endogenous dipolar coherent excitations allied to aliveness, which play the role of 'tuned circuits' via which a living organism is electromagnetically sensitised in a non-linear way to external fields too weak to be able to cause heating. From this perspective, an external electromagnetic field affects a living system not as a toxin but rather by perturbing its endogenous electromagnetic activity. The possibility of adverse perturbation is illustrated by reference to the microwave fields used in mobile telecommunications whose signals interfere in a non-thermal way with biofunctionality--in particular, undermining the efficacy of processes that would otherwise afford natural protection against the development of pathology. Therapeutic modalities of microwave exposure, on the other hand, are illustrated using the example of microwave resonance therapy--which can be considered as an electromagnetic version of acupuncture, and as an example of 'quantum medicine'--whose normalising effect on a wide range of pathologies is striking, and which affords a novel alternative to conventional pharmacological interventions.

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