Listening to Mothers II: Report of the Second National U.S. Survey of Women's Childbearing Experiences: Conducted January-February 2006 for Childbirth Connection by Harris Interactive(R) in partnership with Lamaze International

J Perinat Educ. Fall 2007;16(4):9-14. doi: 10.1624/105812407X244769.


With permission from Childbirth Connection, the "Executive Summary" for the Listening to Mothers II survey is reprinted, here. The landmark Listening to Mothers I report, published in 2002, described the first national U.S. survey of women's maternity experiences. It offered an unprecedented opportunity to understand attitudes, feelings, knowledge, use of obstetric practices, outcomes, and other dimensions of the maternity experience. Listening to Mothers II, a national survey of U.S. women who gave birth in 2005 that was published in 2006, continues to break new ground. Although continuing to document many core items measured in the first survey, the second survey includes much new content, exploring earlier topics in greater depth, as well as some new and timely topics.

Keywords: Listening to Mothers II; breastfeeding; cesarean; childbirth education; epidural; health insurance; induction; informed decision-making; maternity care; mother's childbearing experiences; obstetric practices; postpartum depression; postpartum problems; prenatal care.