Eight Full-Length Abelson Related Gene (Arg) Isoforms Are Constitutively Expressed in caki-1 Cell Line and Cell Distribution of Two Isoforms Has Been Analyzed After Transfection

J Cell Biochem. 2008 Dec 1;105(5):1219-27. doi: 10.1002/jcb.21922.


The human Arg (Abl2) nonreceptor tyrosine kinase has a role in cytoskeletal rearrangements by its C-terminal F-actin- and microtubule-binding sequences. We have previously identified Arg transcripts with different 5'- and 3'-ends, named respectively long and short 1A and 1B (1AL, 1AS, 1BL, 1BS) and long and short C-termini (CTL and CTS), that have different expression patterns in various cell types. The combination of the different ends permits to predict eight putative full-length Arg transcripts and corresponding proteins. By Reverse Transcription-Long PCR we show here that all eight full-length transcripts are endogenously expressed in Caki-1 cells and the two bands, approximately 10 kDa different, shown by 1-D Western blots of Hek293T and Caki-1 lysates correspond to the full-length Arg protein isoforms with different C-termini. 2-D Western blot analysis evidenced different high molecular weight and slight acidic specific spots in Hek293T and Caki-1 lysates. The cellular localization of two Arg isoforms (1BLCTL and 1BLCTS) transfected in Caki-1 and Hek293T cells was cytoplasmic, and some differences in cytoskeleton interactions have been evidenced. Moreover, in Hek293T cells only the transfected 1BLCTS isoform gives rise to a large intracytoplasmic cylindrical structure containing phalloidin-positive amorphous actin aggregates. The presence of eight full-length Arg isoforms with different cellular expression may imply a diverse functional role in normal and neoplastic cells.

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