[Analysis of 5S rDNA changes in synthetic allopolyploids Triticum x Aegilops]

Mol Biol (Mosk). 2008 Jul-Aug;42(4):604-11.
[Article in Russian]


By the example of three synthetic allopolyploids: Aegilops sharonensis x Ae. umbellulata (2n =28), Triticum urartu x Ae. tauschii (2n =28), T. dicoccoides x Ae. tauschii (2n =42) the 5S rDNA changes at the early stage of allopolyploidization were investigated. Using fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH), the quantitative changes affecting the separate loci of one of the parental genomes were revealed in plants of S3 generation of each hybrid combination. Souther hybridization with genomic DNA of allopolyploid T. urartu x Ae. tauschii (TMU38 x TQ27) revealed lower intensity of the fragments from Ae. tauschii compared with the T. urartu fragments. It may be confirmation of the reduction of signal on 1D chromosome that was revealed in this hybrid using FISH. Both appearance of a new 5S rDNA fragments and full disappearance of fragments from parental species were not showed by Southern hybridization, as well as PCR-analysis of 5-15 plants of S2-S3 generations. The changes were not found under comparison of primary structure of nine 5S rDNA sequences of allopolyploid TMU38 x TQ27 with analogous sequences from parental species genomes. The observable similarity by FISH results of one of the studied synthetic allopolyploids with natural allopolyploid of similar genome composition indicates the early formation of unique for each allopolyploid 5S rDNA organization.

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