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, 188 (8), 409-11

[Active and Inactive Forms of Cerebral Cysticercosis. Study of 10 Cases]

[Article in Spanish]
  • PMID: 1891636

[Active and Inactive Forms of Cerebral Cysticercosis. Study of 10 Cases]

[Article in Spanish]
R Fernández-Rodríguez et al. Rev Clin Esp.


Ten cases of neuro-cysticercosis attended in our hospital over the last five years are presented. Six patients presented non-active parenchymatous calcifications of which four manifested epilepsy, one dementia caused by hydrocephalus and one other was asymptomatic. Two patients presented active intraparenchymatous cysts with a clinic of epilepsy. One patient presenting cisternal -ventricular-parenchymal involvement and another with ependymal -meningeal-parenchymal involvement, both suffered of psychiatric alterations. Ataxia and pyramidal deficits. The two patients with active parenchymal form were treated with Praziquantel obtaining a complete cyst remission (normal cranial Ot scan, in one case normal NMR) and neurological clinical symptoms. Two more patients treated with Praziquantel suffering ventricular and meningeal ependymal involvement presented little or no response to this treatment.

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