Chromosomal location and genetic relationship of leaf rust resistance genes rph9 and rph12 in barley

Phytopathology. 1998 Jan;88(1):76-80. doi: 10.1094/PHYTO.1998.88.1.76.


ABSTRACT Barley lines Hor 2596 and Triumph are the sources of leaf rust resistance genes Rph9 and Rph12, respectively. An allelism test was performed with F(2) progeny of the cross Triumph/Hor 2596 inoculated with Puccinia hordei. No recombinants were found in a population of 3,858 progeny, indicating Rph9 and Rph12 are alleles. Molecular and morphological markers were used to identify the chromosomal location of these genes in the crosses Bowman/Hor 2596 and Triumph/I91-533-va. A linkage was detected between Rph9 and the flanking sequence-tagged site (STS) markers ABC155 and ABG3 on chromosome 7(5H) at a distance of 20.6 and 20.1 centimorgans (cM), respectively, and to the microsatellite marker dehydrin-9 (HVDHN9) at a distance of 10.2 cM in the Bowman/ Hor 2596 cross. Analysis of isozymes in bulks of the same population showed that Rph9 may be closely linked to the Est9 locus on chromosome 7(5H). The Rph12 locus was linked to the morphological trait locus va (controlling variegated leaf color) on chromosome 7(5H) at a distance of 22.6 cM in the Triumph/I91-533-va cross. Rph12 also was linked with STS marker ABC155 (24.4 cM) and RAPD marker OPA19 (1.5) (17.8 cM). These data indicate that Hor 2596 and Triumph carry a leaf rust resistance gene at the same locus on the long arm of chromosome 7(5H) of barley.