Differentiation of white wines by their aromatic index

Talanta. 2001 Apr 12;54(2):271-81. doi: 10.1016/s0039-9140(00)00641-x.


Wines from four Galician white varieties (Albariño, Loureira, Treixadura and Dona Branca) with 1992 to 1995 vintages have been analysed, in order to obtain their characterisation by the aromatic index. Monoterpenes, higher alcohols, ethyl esters, fatty acids, acetates, volatile phenols and heavy sulphur compounds were analysed by gas chromatography alone and together with mass spectrometry. Flavour compositions were similar for each wine obtained from grapes harvested in different years. Comparisons between odour unit values (OUV) from each wine variety and from these vintages were similar. However, odour profiles of Galician wines from these years were clearly differentiated. A correct differentiation could be achieved between samples elaborated with different varieties, when principal component and linear discriminant analysis were applied to the OUV data.